Mi. 20.03.2019

zu Gast im AZ Conni



Konzert20:00 Uhr

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Manifesto Jukebox und Turbostaat spielen am 20.03. im AZ Conni.
Tickets gibt es ab 4.3.2019 bei uns an der Bar.

Manifesto Jukebox

Manifesto Jukebox was founded in the late 90s in Finland. Their rough but melodic guitar-driven sound was something different from anything else going on in their homeland at the moment, but quickly found fans all over the world. Manifesto Jukebox released new music and toured at a relentless pace. Their first two albums Desire (Combat Rock Industry, 2000) and Remedy (BYO Records, 2002) are now considered classics of the genre. On one of these tours Manifesto Jukebox met Turbostaat and made instant friends, playing shows together until Manifesto Jukebox broke up in 2008.
In 2019 both bands celebrate 20 since they started, and play a handful of shows together for one last time!

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